Humboldt Best Real Estate Welcomes Your Questions

  HUMBOLDT BEST REAL ESTATE Welcomes Your Questions! Broker: Lawrence Abel Sousa (707) 599-5550 Peggy Molloy Real Estate Sales Agent To Be; Exams continue to be cancelled due to Covid19 If you have questions regarding Humboldt County Real Estate, please call us. Abe has been working in the real estate industry in Humboldt County for over 20 years. He has sold property in every inch of the backroads, residential areas, commercial & agricultural. An expert in local zoning restrictions, please feel free to call with any of your real estate concerns. We are happy to entertainment clients from outside the local area in anticipation of lifestyle changes due to Covid19 adjustments. As a new UNLICENSED AGENT, I can field questions, but cannot buy or sell. I have been studying & plan to enter the field very soon under the wings of Abe. I have a sales background with a Masters Degree in Entertainment Business. I was raised as a child in Humboldt County & hope to serve the community